Top 20 NuGet "microsoft Packages

This set of packages open up a rich surface area of Microsoft Azure services, giving you the power to automate, deploy, and test cloud infrastructure with ease. These services support: - Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines - Hosted Services - Infrastructure Services - Scheduler - Storage Accounts - Sub...
Provides Microsoft Azure infrastructure and data center management operations, including the ability to create and manage affinity groups and manage basic subscription information.
Provides Microsoft Azure Media Services management functionality.
Provides network management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Provides Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services operations including a unified API to retrieve and configure monitoring metrics, alerts, and autoscale rules for your Microsoft Azure services.
Provides infrastructure for common error handling, tracing, configuration, and HTTP/REST-based pipeline manipulation. The package also exposes the CloudContext type, which enables centralized discovery of available Microsoft Azure libraries. .NET Framework Recommended during Preview: At this time, ...
Provides virtual machine and hosted service management capabilities to developers. Launch, restart, scale, and manage VMs, hosted services, virtual disks, operating system images, and more.
Provides Microsoft Azure Scheduler management operations including the ability to create, update and delete scheduled jobs and get job status and history.
Provides storage management operations for Microsoft Azure, including the ability to create, delete, and configure storage service accounts and credentials.
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure Web Sites. Deploy, configure, debug, and scale your websites using familiar APIs.
Provides Microsoft Azure SQL Database management operations for Microsoft Azure
Core functionality for Trollbridge
Provides infrastructure for common authentication and additional convenience APIs for Azure REST clients.
Provides Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager management operations for Microsoft Azure including the ability to create, update, list, and delete Traffic Manager profiles and definitions.
Provides Microsoft Azure Service Bus management operations for Microsoft Azure including the ability to create, delete, list and update Namespaces, Topics, Queues and Notification Hubs.
Microsoft Azure Configuration Manager provides a unified API to load configuration settings regardless of where the application is hosted - whether on-premises or in a Cloud Service.
Exposes Microsoft Azure Libraries events via ETW (Event Tracing for Windows). ETW events can be captured by subscribing to Microsoft-WindowsAzure event source. The ETW tracing provider requires .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.
Exposes Microsoft Azure Libraries HTTP messaging via Log4Net.
Provides Microsoft Azure Automation management operations including the ability to create, update and delete runbooks and schedules.
Spec DLL for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Management