Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on System.Net.Http.Json

Total dependencies: 87

This package contains the reference assemblies for developing services using Dapr.
Package for using Steeltoe management endpoints with ASP.NET Core.
A set of utilities to make Blazor development easier than ever. Includes base classes for Application State, Configuration, and ViewModels, as well as an ODataResultList and a helper to pull configuration files out of embedded resources.
API for MaxMind minFraud Score and Insights web services
Grid components for Blazor
Configuration provider for reading from Spring Cloud Config Server
System.Net.Http integration package for the OpenIddict validation services.
Client for service discovery and registration with Neflix Eureka
.NET Client for CredHub - Base Package
API used for authorization, impersonation and user management
DFC.ServiceTaxonomy.Events library
Blazor Lazy Loading & Plugin Modules for WebAssembly
A lightweight library that uses Cognitive Translator Service for text translation and Cognitive Speech Service for text-to-speech and speech-to-text.
Core library for Blazor libraries and apps.
Serverless .NET for AWS - Lambda Library
Serverless .NET for AWS - App Library provider for Blazor WebAssembly
Simple Blazor Startup
BALKAN is a .NET client library for BALKAN App Services. (Official Library)
NETopes ASP.NET Core framework Core Helpers package