Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

Total dependencies: 2370

ASP.NETMVC Petapoco 底层
Auto generate POCO classes at runtime for use in .NET Framework & .NET Core applications. No DbContext required; classes are created from database schema.
Umbraco 8 CMS content mocking helper
Ядро веб-движка для работы с ASP.NET MVC.
Vurbis Punchout Extension for Episerver * Installation - Install the Nuget Package (or copy the one .dll) - Create an admin account in episerver. * Configuration (usually handled by Vurbis Interactive after providing shop url and admin account) You'll need an account wi...
Amesto AutoConnect for EPiServer 10
Administration User Interface for LocalizationProvider
BlueLeet.Common a library with common used code.
Extends the System.Web.Mvc namespace with common Core Functionality.
An activity based security framework for ASP.NET MVC
Validation attributes that extend Data Annotations and provide integrated server and client side validation (using unobtrusive jquery validation).
Perfect PDF allows you to convert almost any Razor view into a PDF, quickly and easily! Pass a lambda to the strongly-typed PdfActionResult, and let this little library do the heavy lifting for you!
It's what happens when Bootstrap and ASP.NET MVC make sweet, sweet love. Provides HtmlHelpers for the Bootstrap CSS framework.
This package is meant to complement those using the Twitter.Typeahead library in their MVC 5 application. Upon installation it adds bundling and minification support for easy integration into your shared layouts and views. Issues? Please post them here
SpecsFor.Mvc is a stand-alone acceptance testing framework for ASP.NET MVC. It enables you to write strongly-typed, refactor friendly integration tests using the browser and testing framework of your choice.
Popular lib for using with IQueryable. Install this package for the css/js/cshtml files if you aren't using the EmbeddedResouces
金软科技基础开发框架Asp.Net Mvc EasyUI运行时文件