Top 20 NuGet apple Packages

Braintree Client Library
Android lib to create a beautiful shadow around the image based on corresponding area colors.
Provides a stronly typed way to validate receipts from Apple.
MIT licensed C#/.NET parser and writer for Apple and GnuStep Property Lists, supporting ASCII, Binary and Xml formats, based on Java's dd-plist.
.NET Core C# Push Notifications for Android Google GCM and Apple Push Notifications.
An easy-to-use, portable, tested, documented, serializable, thread-safe, strongly typed library for changing between unrestricted, arbitrary data types
.NET client for the Reincubate iCloud API. The Reincubate iCloud API provides powerful programmatic iCloud access to investigators, application developers and integrators. It is RESTful and makes many commonly-accessed forms of data available as JSON feeds. The API includes functionality for extract...
A library that lets you connect Javascript on the browser side to the C# code by proxying C# side.
iOS UIAlertView for Xamarin.Android. Source and demo available on
A smart switchable button,support multiple tabs. Source and demo available on
This package is an API wrapper class for the PassKit API. It allows you to create & manage your content for Apple Wallet, Android Pay, and other Mobile Wallet platforms. This package does require you to have a PassKit account, which you can sign up for for free at: F...
An Apple Wallet Passbook Library in C#/.NET
Primary support library for Xamarin apps utilizing Saitama for IoC management - Alpha
A part of PushSharp,only support push apple
NOTICE: APNS-Sharp is now deprecated / obsoleted by PushSharp. This nuget package is now simply a placeholder for PushSharp which you should be using instead! A 100% managed code, free, open source, independent and mono compatible C#/.NET Library for interacting with Apple's Push Notification (APN...
Time to learn Nuget
This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin, which enables a handy use of InApp advertising in your applications.
.Net Library for working with Apples *.plist Files.
just an Apple PList format serializer
.Net Library for working with Apple *.plist files.