Top 20 NuGet airbrake Packages

Airbrake C#/.NET client (notifier)
Airbrake middleware component for ASP.NET Core pipeline
Sharpbrake Web extensions
Airbrake Notifier for .NET
Airbrake HTTP module for ASP.NET request pipeline
Contains client for reporting exceptions to an Airbrake API
Contains middelware to report exceptions to an Airbrake API
Airbrake NLog target for ASP.NET
Publish error notifications from NLog directly to AirBrake or an Errbit server.
Airbrake log4net appender for ASP.NET
Airbrake log4net appender
Airbrake provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Fork from Airbrake Notifier for .NET (
SharpBrake library fork. - Supports log4net appender so no code changes are needed to send messages to AirBrake - only configuration. - Fixes bugs in the original code where line-numbers were not reported correctly. - Allows to send information messages - not necessarily exceptions. - Removes Common...
Airbrake error tracking client
Airbrake NLog target