Top 20 NuGet abstractions Packages

.NET library for abstractions and other things to aid with .net development.
The Xigadee abstraction library is used to reference key concepts without installing the full Microservice library.
Provides modelling abstractions for data, like identifiable entities, hierarchy nodes, and so on.
Abstractions for a startup system and service registration for a DI container.
Abstractions for a registration system.
Repository wrapper for Azure Table Storage
Data access layer abstractions
The domain layer implementation helpers.
Interfaces for some System.Net functionality
Provides simple abstraction layer over an existing logging frameworks.
The core abstractions and public interfaces used for .NET Core application development.
Abstractions for Kyse.AspNetCore.StaticLibrary
Data Access Layer abstractions for MicroNetCore.
A WPF version of Microsoft.Extensions.PlatformAbstractions describing the environment. Commonly Used Types: ApplicationEnvironment
Abstractions for System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher Provides: IFileSystemWatcher
Implementations for IO Abstractions of Leoxia.Lx.IO.Abstractions
Abstractions for System.IO.FileSystem.DriveInfo Provides: IDriveInfo IDriveInfoFactory
Implementations for IO Abstractions of Leoxia.Lx.IO.Abstractions
Abstractions for System.Diagnostics. Provides: IStopwatch IStopwatchFactory
Abstractions for System classes. Provides: IAssembly IEnvironment IShallowCloneable ITimeProvider