Top 20 NuGet assemblyinfo Packages

Stamps your assemblies with semver 2.0 compliant git commit specific version information and provides NuGet versioning information as well.
This package provides support for explicitly setting assembly level properties via MSBuild properties for C#, VB.Net, C++/CLI and F#. When this package is added to your project and one or more of the properties ForceAssemblyVersion, ForceAssemblyFileVersion, ForceAssemblyInfor...
Allows semantic versioning style fields to be injected into your assemblies via a $SemanticVersion property (MSBuild command line parameter or added to your csproj).
MainBrain build assemblyinfo project extension.
Easy-usage, Git-based, auto-generate version informations toolset.
Bumpy is a tool to manipulate version information across multiple files found in the current working directory using a configuration file which consists of glob patterns and regular expressions.
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version on AssemblyInfo.
AssemblyInfo tasks bundle for Rosalia.
MSBuild task that uses Git or Mercurial commits for the project auto-versioning.
MSBuild targets for updating Assembly version during build process. AssemblyInfo can be set by initializing MSBuild property $(AssemblyVersionNumber) before MSBuild target AssemblyVersionUpdate is called.
AutoVersionUpdater is a .NET text templete for managing assembly versions. Usually any .Net project have AssemblyInfo.cs in "Properties" directory. So, this T4 run on every build of visual studio and increase version of this file. for more informations:
==CSharpTest.Net.Tools== CmdTool.exe - provides a Visual Studio code generation integration to any command-line application. see also CSharpTest.Net.Generators.exe - provides a command-line replacement for ResX code generation with support for m...
Provides properties for getting the assembly information for the web application, such as the version number, description, company, copyright, etc. from an AssemblyInfo file in the \App_Code folder.
Cake AddIn for the version management command line tool Bumpy
Assembly Information & Loader via Reflection
A set of classes for building development projects that can be integrated into other build tools.
The BitPantry Assembly Patcher is a small utility that can patch your AssemblyInfo.cs version using a flexible and pluggable version pattern approach.
AssemblyInfo plugin for Koshu
AssemblyInfoExtended is a .NET library that provdes additional attributes for use in your applications AssemblyInfo.cs.
Creates an AssemblyInfo file based on git history.