Top 20 NuGet 1.0 Packages

Implementation of OAuth 1.0a protocol. Supports transparent authentication via HttpMessageHandler
Validação para aplicativos feitos Xamarin forms. Conjunto de behaviors para validação. Controle para construção de formularios em xaml.
C# реализация протокола OAuth 1.0 сервиса, для доступа к закрытым ресурсам сервиса.
Minimal implementation of the SendGrid HTTP v3 API to send emails, compatible with .NET Platform Standard 1.0
This is a port of the popular HtmlAgilityPack targetting the .Net core 1.0 RTM. This fork points to v1.4.9.4 of the actual source including namespaces.
A tiny, super easy to use OAuth 1.0a library with support for the full OAuth flow. Supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core (by using .NET Standard).
.NET client library for OPC DA versions 1.0, 2.05A, 3.0.
MongoDB supported BSON library. See for more details.
MongoDB supported driver for MongoDB. See for more details.
MongoDB supported Driver Core library. See for more details.