Top 20 NuGet WINDOWS Packages

Invention Library is a set of portable foundation classes extending the base .NET framework.
You will be able to manipulate WinForms Controls. This library is built on Friendly Layer.
You will be able to get the desired window. This library is built on Friendly Layer.
This is used for test automation of Windows applications. You can call the API of separate process from outside.
Key mouse emulation can be performed on Windows applications at high speed and with high accuracy. This library is built on Friendly Layer.
Light, simple and fast convention-based code-first POCO ORM. Support for Creating and Dropping Table Schemas from POCOs, Complex Property types transparently stored in schemaless text blobs in VistaDB.
Scandit's lightning-fast and accurate Barcode Scanner is a valuable addition to any enterprise application. Our unique blurry barcode scan technology that works across platforms to scan any barcode type from any angle. This package offers a unified API that can be used to build application...
Redbridge C# Windows Library for creating console options, switches and parameters in a type safe fashion.
Redbridge C# Windows Identity Library for Auth0 products
Barcode Professional SDK for .NET is a lightweight .NET assembly (DLL) which can be used for adding advanced barcode capabilities such as barcode image generation and printing to any .NET Framework-based applications. Features: - Linear, Postal, MICR & 2D Barcode Symbologies - Crystal Reports fo...
For C#/VB Universal Windows code (UWP), use UnitsNet instead. This is a Windows Runtime Component with reduced functionality to support all UWP languages, such as JavaScript and C++, and other runtime components.
TwentyTwenty.Storage.Google Class Library
HighScoreBuddy is a MonoGame library for saving and loading of local high score tables from SQL.
This is a platform-specific infrastructure library used by GrapeCity.Documents.Common.Windows.
This package contains SharePoint and Project Client Object Model libraries
This package contains everything you need to access the Convertigo Mobile Backend as Service (MBaaS) for extended operations such as using the FullSync technology providing offline data and backend synchronization to enterprise applications for your Xamarin and .NET mobile Apps.
This package is deprecated. Instead, it is recommended to use a '' package.
Invention for Universal Windows (WinRT).
Build tool for Invention apps.
Windows Live API for Xamarin.iOS by CloudRail provides an easy solution to login and get basic user information Get a free license key at: Features: - Get profile information, including full names, emails, genders, date of birth, and locales. - Retrieve profile pictures. - Lo...