Top 20 NuGet Sql Packages

Configuration-less object-relational mapper for SQL Server and SQL Server CE / SQL Server CE 4.0
Set of extension methods representing a lightweight orm and a migration framework, for use with Dapper.
Allow to use Entity Framework 5 with PostgreSQL
A lightweight CRUD wrapper for the Dapper Micro-ORM.
DapperPoco is a reflection driven SQL generator that wraps the popular Dapper ORM framework. With DapperPoco you just create your POCO objects, decorate them, and use them; no writing SQL statements unless absolutely necessary.
TableDslからCREATE TABLE文を生成するためのPrinter Pluginです。
A class library for logging application events to a SQL database.
A base class library for querying and manipulating SQL databases.
A library that simplifies ADO.NET database queries to SQL.
Port of dapper-dot-net to node.js
A Sql feature source for FeatureSelect
MySql for Dapper.Extensions.Linq
SqlCe for Dapper.Extensions.Linq
SQLite for Dapper.Extensions.Linq
Toolkit for configuring Entity Framework to work with PostgreSQL database using Npgsql.
Implementation of retry logic for SqlConnection and SqlCommand for handling transient errors.
A wrapper over System.Data.SQLite to simplify querying
Use your Sql Server as a NoSql JSON or BSON document store
Forked from with some fixes.
OracleSqlBuilder is a data-access API for Oracle.