Top 20 NuGet servicelocator Packages

Cheers ServiceLocator StructureMap implementation
Implementation of the common service locator interfaces for Basics IoC abstractions.
This package contains abstractions to provide standard Interfaces, or Abstracts, for common services typicality re-implemented in various Projects/Assemblies. Utilizing a standards based Type allows services to flow between otherwise disconnected Assemblies.
a simple lightweight AOP framework
Simple class for holding a static reference to an IServiceProvider instance, similar to System.Web.DependencyResolver.
Cheers ServiceLocator contracts
Spread of classes, used in different projects as a shared component. Service locator - service locator implementation with type mapping capabilities. Object Mapper -service locator implementation with type mapping capabilities.
A simple Inversion of Control library for performing service location and dependency injection.
De agent voor de servicebus
De agent voor de servicebus
Servicelocator and configuration for applications.
Common Library to support Dependency Injection like PRISM