Top 20 NuGet decorator Packages

Fody add-in that provides custom interception. Supports Net45, NetStandard2.0 and UWP. Method, Property, Constructor and Field interceptors can be found in the package Cauldron.BasicInterceptors (
Custom interceptors for Cauldron.Interception.Fody that provides method, property, field and constructor interception.
A collection of interceptor implementations.
Decorator extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
A collection of interceptor implementations.
Autobind Decorator (autobind-decorator) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Pure Render Decorator (pure-render-decorator) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
NProxy is a library for the .NET framework to create lightweight dynamic proxies.
A FileSystem abstraction, allowing decoration and testing of the physical file system.
CodeArt.DependencyInjection is a .NET Library that adds extra functionality (such as decorator pattern) to the DI container used in ASP.NET 5 projects
This package will install a service around an existing Entity Framework model.
Fody add-in to decorate arbitrary methods to run code before and after invocation
Exposes members (properties, indexers, methods and events) and optionally implements interface of a field declared in class.
Portable library for attaching behaviours to objects at runtime using extension methods. An entity-component system, if you will.