Top 20 NuGet api Packages

Qi4CS Extension: Functional is an extension of Qi4CS.Core that allows ways to parametrize some functionality, which is not part of original API of objects, based on types of such objects. This mapping information can be specified during assembly time and also modified during runtime.
C# API client for Consul
A .NET portable client library for the WeatherUnderground APIs
A .NET portable client library for the WorldWeatherOnline APIs
A fluent API that provides a simple interface to add Zoopla property information into your application.
A simple PDF invoice generator for .NET.
a wrapper around the yify API
.NET wrapper for the Strike API
NMockaroo is a little library that provides an easy way for you to generate mock data based on your C# objects using the Mockaroo API.
Read web api data from json format and convert to a class file.
Simple wrapper of the Uber API
.Net Sdk was created to simplify applications development based on public Api of Yandex.Money
An API for accessing Plex Media Servers and the connected clients.
An API wrapper for the Police UK API. Please note: I am not the author, but I thought it would be useful for everyone if this was on Nuget
Wistia API client in C#
Client for the Rackspace Cloud Office API
C# library that provides quick and easy access to the web api of Thoth WebApp -
Traitify is a .NET 4 wrapper for the Traitify Developer's API.
A simple wrapper around v3 of the Twitch API. Work in progress, not to be used for anything meaningful.