Top 20 NuGet api Packages

Adds support for creating, enforcing, tracking, and managing developer API keys in your ASP.NET MVC projects.
Almost all applications on your server, desktop, laptop or mobile device store data in the form of mass data, e.g. photos, binary files or documents and as meta data objects (key,value-pairs), e.g. blog entries, address records or geographical location information. Existing cloud services offer diff...
progstr.log ( is a service that collects your .NET application logs and takes care of the details. It eliminates the hassle of storing and maintaining the precious data produced by your applications, helps you analyze that data, and alerts you when something goes wrong.
This library allows you to access the Prowl API from within a .NET application. The Prowl service allows you to push notifications to the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can learn more about this service at
Extend ASP.NET MVC to enable the creation of RESTFul api and hypermedia aware resources.
.NET Persistence API (also called NPersistence or NPA) is a ORM framework which also enables entity mapping useing annotations!! The project is based on JAVA's JPA and offers applications to use a standard API for their ORM operations. In this package, NPA is implemented by NHibernate. This package ...
Client library for the TransIP API written in C#.
HttpServiceClient is a very simple HTTP client class written in .NET to help you consume RESTful web services.
Extend ASP.NET MVC to enable the creation of RESTFul api and hypermedia aware resources.
Use this to integrate with AIM (json) for Payment Transactions, and Transaction Reporting. This is a lightweight version of the AuthorizeNet package.
SetStrike is a class object designed to interface between a variety of GUIs and a rental inventory management database
API client for single sign on features.
Send SMS messages with the HostedSMS API. This nuget package is a .NET C# messaging library that can be used to send SMS messages. Integrate SMS with You Applications and send text massages directly from them using our API. Create text message marketing and advertising campaings. Wysyłaj wiadomoś...
You are provided with a neat opinionated pattern of input argument validation You are provided with the capability to only execute classes when its their responsibility to do so
Common contracts used by Rest Api Tester
HttpResponseManager is a portable library. Using this library application can call and get Web API response using GET and PUT methods. User can also include the Headers while calling APIs.
US Chess Federation does not have a good way of exposing its data as a set of public APIs. All it has is a very outdated set of PHP forms that serve data as HTML. This set of tools parse that html and present data in a way that most of the applications can consume.
As of 01/23/2018 you can send data to Azure Log Analytics with the HTTP Data Collector API (public preview) from a REST API client. This package implements this as a Logging Provider for ASP.NET Standard 2.0
A simple Cake addin powered by NSwag for compiling client code and API definitions from a variety of sources
This package is part of the Azure Mobile .NET Server SDK and contains features for integrating with Azure Table Storage. To learn more about Azure Mobile, go to