Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

A library to build up iOS applications. It lets .NET developers build rich, beautiful maps to their iOS applications in a minute. It contains full function of SlimGIS MapKit Core which comes with Geometry, GeoFunction, Symbology, Renderer, DataSource, Layer and more. And brings your application to ...
Unofficial port of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) ETW tracking provider to the .NET Standard
.NET API for RESTful api
.NET framework for reading and creating EDI documents (Core).
Experitest SeeTestAutmation Client
Boilerpipe text extraction library ported to .Net Core based on rasmusjp's implementation in .NET 4.5 which you can find here
Assembly Information & Loader via Reflection
BlackBox for .NET
Manage easily devices inputs. Demo on GitHub :
Provides full duplex RPC over websocket.
This is a Geo Information Indexing project for .NET.
Genesis.Analytics is a library providing an abstraction over mobile analytics.
Managed .NET Wrapper for the EMC Centera SDK
Display all installed CLI versions for .NET Core
A lightweight framework for helping writing CQRS and Eventsourcing applications in C# on .NET Core
RiakClient NetStandard - NOT affiliated with Basho.
Distributed lock provider for Workflow-core using Redis
Eloquera provides all the inherent advantages of an object database. Build and maintain your applications with unprecedented speed. Built on the .NET platform it uses LINQ and SQL interfaces. Performance is class leading and it is free to use. Eloquera Enterprise Database builds on and enhances the...
NoMvvm is the bleeding edge of MVVM. Who wants to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or properties, let's use dynamic! NoMvvm makes heavy use of System.Dynamic and conventions to minimalize the code needed to hook up the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It also enables TDD via the use of dynamic, as well...
This TVA Code Library is a collection of class libraries that extends and expands the functionality included in Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It makes some of Microsoft’s functions simpler to use, and adds functions that Microsoft did not include in the .NET Framework.