NuGet Packages By Dependencies

PS.Common.UsrLib.Package icon

PS.Common.UsrLib.Package [1 dependencies]

PS Common Usr Library for DTS
PS.Common.Services.Package icon

PS.Common.Services.Package [1 dependencies]

PS Common Service for DTS
Brickweave.EventStore icon

Brickweave.EventStore [1 dependencies]

Lightweight package to support common Event Sourcing patterns
Brickweave.Domain icon

Brickweave.Domain [1 dependencies]

Lightweight package to support common Domain Driven Design patterns
Euroland.NetCore.ToolsFramework.Data icon
The wrapper project for querying data against Database using default low-level 3rd Dapper library
ESAPIX_15.5 icon

ESAPI X For Aria 15.5 [1 dependencies]

ESAPI Extensions and helpers for quickly building robust clinical and research apps.
Codout.Framework.Domain icon

Codout.Framework.Domain [1 dependencies]

Camada de Domínio do Framework da Codout
Hdq.RestBus.Core icon

Hdq.RestBus.Core [1 dependencies]

Core RestBus classes
Esfa.Ofsted.Inspection.Types icon

Ofsted Inspection Types [1 dependencies]

Returns Ofsted inspection Types
CreativeGurus.Mustachio icon

CreativeGurus.Mustachio [1 dependencies]

Fork of the 1.1.26 version of the Mustachio library for .Net Standard 1.6. Dependency on System.Web was also removed and replaced with for URL Encoding. No other functionality was modified from the original Mustachio code base.
2GIS.NuClear.Messaging.Transports.Kafka icon
NuClear project messaging Apache Kafka infrastructure
WPF.Accessibility.Testing.Framework icon
Adds framework for checking if WPF controls meet Accessibility best practice
POGOLib.Core icon

POGOLib.Core [1 dependencies]

A community-driven PokemonGo API Library written in C#. You can read the changelog here
I-Synergy.DryIoC.CommonServiceLocator icon
I-Synergy DryIoC CommonServiceLocator
JetBrains.Rider.SDK icon

JetBrains Rider 2017.2 SDK [1 dependencies]

JetBrains Rider SDK Package
Friday.ValueTypes icon

Friday.ValueTypes [1 dependencies]

Will be here soon
Friday.Base icon
Another .NET framework
Epos.Utilities icon

Epos.Utilities [1 dependencies]

.NET Standard utilities
DialOnce.Bugsnag icon
Bugsnag crash reporting for Android apps
CreativeGurus.AzureNotificationHubClient icon
Core messaging library for the Creative Gurus Messaging system Azure Notification Hub Client Helper. Works with .Net Standard 1.6.